The Role of the Intermediate Region in the Planetarian War
This Western cancer covering today the whole world is called Westernization. Like a body filled with cancer, the planet will die if the capitalist cancer is stopped by expanding outside the body of the planet   19 2011, 09:00
As America dominates Western Europe, as China dominates the East, Russia should dominate its own region of civilization, the Intermediate Region

The Intermediate Region in the Past

The Intermediate Region is one of the two only regions of civilization in the world, the other one being China. Like Karl Marx who did not invent class war but just discovered it, I also, a generation ago, did not invent the Intermediate Region but just discovered it as a hidden planet between what was up to then defined as West and East.

The Eastern Question was first and foremost a question created in the West aiming at colonizing the Ottoman Empire.

The Intermediate Region is not a passage between West and East. It is not a synthesis of West and East. Even though all peoples of the Intermediate Region between Italy and China define themselves as a bridge between West and East because they feel they are not Western, but not Eastern either, in fact the West did not exist up to the Renaissance, five hundred years ago. What is today the West, forming the third civilization, is a moon detached in the 15th century A. D. from the planet Intermediate Region.

It is an offshoot of Greek civilization, a failed an ugly child of beautiful mother Greece. For the last five hundred years, having understood wrongly the precepts of Plato, it has grown as an expansionist monster, a cancer that has filled the globe with its sick nature and its sick society, called capitalism, destroying systematically not only its mother Greece and the Intermediate Region, but also China.

This Western cancer covering today the whole world is called Westernization. Like a body filled with cancer, the planet will die if the capitalist cancer is stopped by expanding outside the body of the planet, that is if it cannot spread the disease on the Moon and other planets of our Solar system.

The West, in the last two hundred years has created two geopolitical concepts in order to use them for world domination.

The first was put up in the second half of the 18th century. It was called the Eastern Question. In order to open a direct route to its eastern colonies, the West had to dismantle the Ottoman Empire who stood in the way, in the midst of the Intermediate Region. So it systematically attacked it, introduced the poison of nationalism, starting from the Western part of the Empire, that is Greece. By becoming nominally independent, in fact a protectorate of England, it spread the disease of nationalism to the neighboring people inside the Empire, the Serbs, the Romanians, the Bulgarians, the Albanians, then later to the Arabs and the Turks. So the Eastern Question was first and foremost a question created in the West aiming at colonizing the Ottoman Empire.

Another side of the Eastern Question is coming from inside the body of the Intermediate Region. Because, as the Greek revolutionary Rigas Pherraios wrote at the end of the 18th century, the most beautiful Empire in the World, i. e. the Ottoman Empire, after many centuries of glory and progress, was in shambles, it had to be replaced by an Ottoman Republic. So the internal conflict, in contrast with the external conflict of the Eastern Question that was colonial, had nothing to do do with expansionism and imperialism, but was a civil war around the capital of Constantinople.

Since the Persians and since Alexander the Great, for 2,500 years they had always been in the Intermediate Region a central Empire around the Straits and the Aegean Sea and for the last 1600 years around Constantinople, a central Empire called Ecumenical, that is Universal, encompassing civilization, the periphery of which was formed by peripheral Empires aspiring to take the succession of the central Empire when the latter would become decadent. These peripheral Empires were the Arab and later the Russian Empire, while the Ecumenical Empire was successively called Persian, Macedonian Greek of Alexander the Great, Hellenistic, Roman Pagan, Roman Christian (Byzantine), Roman Ottoman, up to 1923 AD. The struggle between the peripheral Empires and the Ecumenical central Empire was the internal conflict. It was not imperialistic i. e. expansionist, but a struggle inside a family for who would get the succession in Constantinople.

When the Westerners in their Political Science Schools defined the Eastern Question as being the result of the Decline of the Ottoman Empire and the main actors around Constantinople being the Great European Powers, they included wrongly Russia. But Russia belonged to the Intermediate Region, contrary to the other Great Powers which belonged to the West. Russia was struggling for succession in Constantinople, while the other Great Powers were struggling for colonial conquest.

The second geopolitical concept used by the West for imperialistic expansion was the theory of Heartland initiated by the British Halford MacKinder at the beginning of the 20th century and expanded through other geopoliticians later. The basic idea was that they were a maritime power i. e. the Anglo-Saxons ruling the Waves encircling the heartland, or continental power, mostly Russia but also Germany. It was an imperialist theory trying to encircle Russia and Germany, stopping them to reach the southern seas, keeping the remains of the Ottoman Empire exclusively under Anglo-Saxon control, as Greece and Turkey were considered lying in the realm of the maritime powers.

The Intermediate Region today

When in 1947, the Americans succeeded their British cousins, through the Truman doctrine, they took for themselves the theory of the reconstitution of an Alexander the Great Empire spanning from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus River as a huge dam stopping all advance of Russia to the south. The immediate action was to help militarily and economically, Greece, Turkey and Iran, then expand NATO and affiliated Alliances to the region, to make it an exclusive anglosaxon area. The British had dismantled the Ottoman Empire in 1918 because they had failed to control it efficiently. The Ottoman Empire was thrown into the arms of Germany, a continental power. After 1918, they had been obliged to share with other Western colonial powers the spoils.

But after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989-1991, the Americans through a series of aggressions in the maritime periphery of the Intermediate Region belt, had started on the 24th of March 1999, the planetarian war that would last, in the words of President Bush Jr., one generation, that is up to about 2030.

The central idea of their military effort is to have a total and exclusive control of the Intermediate Region, not only in order to have the monopoly of the sources of energy, that is mainly petrol and water, but also to prevent their rivals to get hold of any part of the Intermediate Region, i. e. to prevent the expansion of China to the West, the expansion of Russia to the South, the expansion of the European Union to the East, by incorporating Turkey, and an expansion of the Arabs to the North, that the survival of Nasserist secularism coupled with Kemalist secularism in Turkey, and nationalism through Kaddafi and the Baath Party of Irak and Syria, could disturb the total control of the region by the Americans.

The control of the Intermediate Region by the Anglosaxons can be done through two ways. By the spread of moderate pro-American Islam. Former friends of Washington, like Milosevich, Saddam or Kaddafi were dislodged and assassinated by the Americans because their secularism and nationalism could turn to anti-American, pro-Chinese or even they could prefer the use of the euro currency instead of the US dollar. On the contrary, Suni Islam is pro-capitalist and could hardly turn to become procommunist or even pro-nationalist that would try to play one more the game sherished during the Cold War of neutralism. Shia Islam could also turn pro-capitalist and stay afar from nationalism and secularism. The perfect choice is the stand of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, as a promoter of liberal pro-capitalist Islam.

The triangular American inspired game that developed this year around Greece, Turkey and Israel (plus Cyprus), was a successful one. Turkey, in order to approach the Arabs and become the leader of the Arab Spring, pretended to be furious with Israel. Greece, whose people were always anti-Jew, seing Turkey turning its back to Israel, hurried to sign friendship agreements of cooperation with Israel that would seemingly put in a difficult position Turkey on the basis that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Also the Republic of Cyprus signed agreements with Israel for a common exploitation of sea petrol which made Turkish Northern Cyprus jealous and wanting to participate with the Greek side in the common exploitation of the sea with Israel, forgetting thus the old ideas of partition. At the same time, why Greeks and Turks would not exploit in common the riches of the Aegean Sea if Greek Cyprus and Israel were doing it in Eastedrn Mediterranean. Once the triangle Greece-Turkey-Israel was put in place with Cyprus in the middle and once the Arab countries would join the triangle through Turkey, then Turkey would become again the friend of Israel and pressure the latter to accept a pro-American Palestinian State, promoted by Washington but opposed by Israel.

The immediate future initiative of Washington, with the help of Turkey is the destabilization of the regimes of Syria and Iran. Syria is seen as an apple to be shared between Turkey, Israel and Jordan, putting an end to Assads secularism. The change of regime in Iran is seen not as a change from Islamism to Secularism but to a pro-American Shia Islam which has already greatly profited from the American aggression on Iraq in 2003. As we know the principal loosers in Iraq where the Sunnis who lost in favor of the Kurds but also mainly in favor of the Arab Shias supported by Tehran.

Would a double confederation in the Intermediate Region become a threat to Russia?

In order to reconstitute the Empire of Alexander the Great, from the Adriatic to the Indus River, two confederations would be necessary:

That Russia should help the creation of a Greek-Turkish Confederation with Istanbul as its capital on the model of the former Soviet Union, with a special role devoted to Alevism, as a synthetic thought between Orthoxy and Islam.

Western Confederation: 1 The Greek-Turkish Confederation. This confederation would have a hard core: Greece without Western Thrace and Turkey without Kurdistan and Eastern Thrace and the Confederation of Greek-Turkish Cyprus 2 The peripheral States that would join as autonomous of the central hard core: a -A state of Thrace uniting Western and Eastern Thrace and the region of Bulgaria populated by Turks. b A State of Macedonia with capital Thessalonike comprising Greek Macedonia, Bulgarian Macedonia and Skopje Macedonia but without the Western part populated by Albanians. c Greater Albania, comprising Albania, Kosovo and Western part of Skopje. d Kurdistan comprising Turkish, Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian parts. e Israel and a Palestinian State. Syria would be incorporated in the Greek-Turkish Confederation, either by being partitioned or as a peripheral State.

Eastern Confederation: The Iranian-Shia Confederation that would comprise a reshuffled Iran and Azerbaidjan, a reshuffled Afghanistan with a State of Balushistan and Shia Iraq.

These two confederations, if constituted, would certainly be a threat to Russia and would perpetuate the old rivalry between continental power and maritime power. On the other side, they could be perceived by the populations included in these two confederations as profitable to their interests. What is certain is that they would play a key role in the planetarian war as the plaque tournante where the issue of the war would be decided.

The Greeks and the Turks have a long experience of distrust towards what they have perceived as the panslavic politics of the Russians. On the other hand, they are perfectly conscious that while Britain and the USA are totally foreign to the Region, Russia has always belonged to the Intermediate Region. Some say that as America dominates Western Europe, as China dominates the East, Russia should dominate its own region of civilization, the Intermediate Region. But the difficulty here is that the Ottoman Empire (or as I called it in my Turkish book, Turk-Yunan Imparatorlugu, the Turkish-Greek Empire) has been since 1280 to 1923, the central ecumenical empire of the Intermediate Region, representing the Roman Empire of the las 2000 years. The claims of Russia that it is the continuation of the Byzantine Empire and that Moscow is the Third Rome appears only partially true. In any case, if the West had not intervened in the Eastern Question, there is no doubt that the problem of succession would have be solved in favor of Russia and that the Russian Empire, either in Moscow or in Constantinople would have become the Ecumenical Empire of Rome.

After the Greek Revolution of 1821 and up to the Crimean War of 1856, nearly all Greeks were fanatical supporters of Russia but in the second half of the 19th century they got afraid from the rise of panslavism and the spread of Russian language. In my opinion, the only way for Russia to defeat the American plans in the Intermediate Region, is to gain the confidence of Greeks and Turks, in the following way:

1.Truly accept that Russia is the elder and most beloved daughter of Greece, of Greek Civilization and of Greek Orthodoxy founded on the Greek Fathers.

2. That the Greek language and not the Russian language is the main language of civilization, because this has been recognized by the whole world and not only by the Intermediate Region. By Greek language we do not mean the specific language of the present Greek State.

3. That Russia should help the creation of a Greek-Turkish Confederation with Istanbul as its capital on the model of the former Soviet Union, with a special role devoted to Alevism, as a synthetic thought between Orthoxy and Islam. The Intermediate Region is primarily an Orthodox-Islamic civilizational ensemble where Greek civilization is the central feature since Alexander the Great.

Russia has been in the hearts of the people of the Intermediate Region from the moment it appeared on the horizon of History. Only an aggressive policy of panslavic expansion has embittered the populations of the maritime regions. The wonderful multiethnic experience of the Soviet Union will for ever stand as an example of tolerance and collaboration between the peoples of the Intermediate Region under the leadership of a Georgian, the beloved Stalin. Through the Greek-Turkish Confederation a new Soviet Union could be created that would solve the problem between the Heartland and the Maritme Regions. Greek Civilization could play the role of cement, uniting Greeks, Turks and Russians.

Prof. Dr. Dimitri Kitsikis, University of Ottawa  
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